Why Parkour is interesting for parents!?

As we all know, Parkour is known as the trendy sport, perfect for kids and young adults, who are still in shape and restless enough for all this action and creativity. But with Parkour becoming more and more known, it shows, that this sport is as good for families as it is for the youngsters.

Parkour is not, like we know it from our everyday’s life, about adapting our environment to suit us, but to adapt us to our given environment. To see chances and new ways in the given obstacles and to find creative ways to overcome any borders. And this is not only ment in the physical but also in the psychical way. But what has all that to do with family?

Parkour is what toddlers are doing everyday. Running around, climbing, jumping, it’s just what makes them the most fun. To get to know your own body and your skills and to test and improve them. That’s the thing of growing up. Doing Parkour with your kids will promise you much fun and motivation. Not only because it’s cute to watch them being confident and enyoing all the action, but also because this time, you’ll haver to try to keep up with the little ones. This time, you can learn something from your kids and spent precious time with them.

Lucy Fry from the UK Telegraph tested such a family parkour lesson and here you can read what she thought about that experience:

Quelle: parkour.org